Casino Games – Blackjack

Whether you’re new to betting house gaming or a betting house old-timer, blackjack is one of the simplest and most fun card games betting houses have to offer. The objective in vingt-et-un is to best the dealer by getting a hand value as near to twenty one as possible and not going over. To gamble on black jack, you simply need a general understanding of the rules and a desire to have fun.

So how do you achieve twenty-one? In black jack, the cards have values. Numbered cards 2 up to 10 are valued at their printed value, while every face cards (King, Queen and Jack) are valued at ten points. The ace is a unique card in blackjack: you make a choice whether it’s worth one or eleven points. Since casino players are given two cards to begin, if you are given an ace and a face card or 10,you have twenty-one-an instant win, as long as the croupier does not get twenty one at the same time. This two-card winning hand is called a "blackjack"; hence the name of the game!

Casino rules for twenty-one are essentially similar at all casinos. After you get your initial 2 cards, your options are to hit, stay with your first 2 cards, double down, split your hand into 2 hands with a second wager equal to the first, or occasionally surrender.

When you play twenty-one at a betting house, be sure to know which blackjack table to select. Most betting houses have colour coded blackjack tables corresponding with the minimum wager the table accepts, usually $3, five dollars, 25 dollars or $100. In any betting house, it is a given the $3 and $5 tables will be filled, but they are great for newcomers at blackjack considering that all of the cards are handed out face-up, as opposed to the 1up, one-down method at higher tables. So the next time-or the first instanceyou go to a betting house, be certain to sit down at the black jack tables and target for twenty one!